The Electronic Smokeless VAPOR Cigarette Alternative

V2 has a self-proclamation that they say ‘I AM THE GREATEST’ referring to the great Mohammad Ali and I am the first to say with my experience they back this up. Many e-cig companies have gotten this title of being the number but with V2 I will tell you from my experience with them why this is true.

The Number One Electronic Cigarette renowned on the market is now V2 Cigs

V2, as with other e-cig site on the market today boasts their brand. With there being over 300 different electronic cigarette companies in the market today you can understand that this can get a bit heated.

v2 cigs electronic vapor cigarettes

The thing that V2 does so much differently is that they use data to back up all the assertions that they make. In the summer of 2012 V2 gained their one millionth customer, and ever since this day they have had a graphic that is on their website that says this, showing it off. According to the website ranking site V2 has shown just by their traffic alone why they are the best. Being the 1579th most visited site in the United States and the 8000th most visited in the world this is a great feat.

V2 makes over 4000 sales each and every day and this is many more than the next competitor. That next competitor is which ranks much lower, being 7200th visited in the United States and the 31000th in the world. These numbers show how and why V2 can assert that they are the most popular website that sells electronic cigarettes.

I have been vaping for the last five years and I feel that I have a lot of experience when it comes to this industry. I have recently made the full switch and turned away from tobacco, if you would like to read all of the credentials about me you can click here. I have noticed that much of the hype and the sayings of ‘V2 is the best’ actually come from people that have tried to the products and have become loyal users of the brand.

In the past few months we have been lucky enough to gain some customers of V2 products. They were kind enough to send us what they thought of the products and you can read them for yourself by clicking here. You can also read them after reading my review if you wish to do so.

I have many reasons as to why I believe that the products from V2 Cigs are the absolute best and the products that I recommend more than any others.  The main theme of all of this is that V2 Cigs does not just offer the best products that you can get. In any new market such as electronic cigarettes you will see many companies not providing everything that they should to ensure they excel in the long run.

Things such as customer support that has extended hours, lifetime warranty and looking at test results for each batch of products is just a sample of the things that V2 Cigs is happy to do that other companies in this market do not. An example of what happens when companies do not do this is the company Safe Cig that recently collapsed just overnight! Bringing customers the best electronic cigarette is only the start of what V2 Cigs is offering to their customers.
The great deal of attention that V2 E Cigarettes gives to all of the smaller aspects of running a business and having a professional brand is something that many other companies have failed greatly at. I believe that since they pay much more attention to the small details they will be a company that lasts for a long time and remains on the top of the electronic cigarette market. V2 Cigs started their brand on building a solid foundation and they have built on top of that.

The professional attitude and the choices that V2 Cigs has made make me not surprised at all that they have been chosen as the top choice for electronic cigarettes. They have both the best customer experience the best products that are offered today.

V2 Cigs control of every aspect of the company from the drawing board to the research of the products to shipping and quality control is their strongpoint.

All of the products that are sold by V2 Cigs are tested in their own factories by the people that work for the company. V2 operates four different factories that are spread between Florida, where all the testing and packing is finished and Shenzhen, China, where the components originate. Shenzhen has become known as the electronic cigarette capital of the world simply because 99% of the components and parts for e-cigs come from this city.
None of the products that you will buy from V2 Cigs is OEM that has simply been repackaged with and had the V2 logo put on the side. For a good deal of time now V2 Cigs has been overseeing all of the parts of their manufacturing process from the very beginning to the end. This ensures that the products are exactly how they want them to be and that they stand out from the competition. V2 Cigs offers the best value that you can find with many of their products including the starter kits, batteries, flavor cartridges, e-liquid, and many accessories. V2 also offers a beautiful portable charging case that stands out as the best of every charging case for the kr808d-1 standard. This is also the only case that is able to charge the XL battery length of 140mm.
Every product that V2 Cigs sells comes directly from them to your door stop. They offer free flat rate shipping which does not have a minimum ordered required to any United States address. If you happen to be in a hurry to get your product, V2 Cigs is the only e-cig company that has formed a partnership with UPS to offer faster shipping rates to those who want it.
V2 manufactures each and every part of the products that they sell from the low resistance atomizer coils to the batteries that come in both a manual and automatic option. The e-liquid that is sold by the company is also sent through extensive testing to ensure that it is exactly what it should be to make discounts

As well as many other aspects of V2 Cigs, The website they use say a huge facelift in 2012!

V2 Cigs website was a site that needed some major revisions and it got just that in 2012 when the entire site was redone. Now the site is pleasant to look at and browse in order to find the product that you want. The biggest change is in the process of ordering where the customization phase of creating the cigarettes the way you want was very awkward and was often criticized by many that used it. The new redesigned customization area works perfectly and provides a seamless experience that we really enjoy.

Instead of being frustrated on the site, customers can now expect an experience that will leave them nothing but absolutely satisfied to be a customer of V2 Cigs.

No matter what type of look you are going for with an electronic cigarette you will be able to customize it on V2’s website. V2 has a wide range of different options from every color, size of battery, charger types, flavors, nicotine strengths, and accessories. You can customize all of these in just minutes to match your liking and create the best starter kit. These days V2 Cigs gets thousands of different order every single day and they execute these orders as smooth as can be. They have a growth rate that is simply unbelievable but just have been keeping up with no issues.

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